A-Class solar panels
from 72€ for 1 watt
from warehouse in Latvia and Lithuania!


Solar collector
for 30 tubes
just 455€


of alternative energy sources

  • Ecological purity
  • Low operation cost of the equipment
  • The availability of resources to be used
  • Unboundedness of the resources

Alternative energy
the engine of progress.

futureThe goal of our company "Baltic Sun Wind Engineering" is to provide a full spectrum of installation, configuration and maintenance services for alternative energy (solar and wind energy) equipment.

Our company also offers transport vehicles equipped with
electric motor: electrobikes, electromotorcycles, electromotorollers, electrocycles and electromobiles.

Our employees have over 10 years experience with the installation of alternative energy sources. Our managers are able to provide quick and detailed answers to any of your questions and help you find the most advantageous offer.