Electric automobiles

Electromobiles is a rapidly growing segment of the car market. In Europe, Japan and the USA in the near future it will constitute from 5 to 10% of the car market.

There are several reasons for sustainable interest to electromobiles:

  • electric cars produce less pollution than gasoline-powered cars;
  • continuously rising cost of petroleum products and reduce of their inventories;
  • lower operating costs (electricity is cheaper than motor fuel);
  • high efficiency (89-96%) of the motor (efficiency of gasoline engine is only 20-40%);
  • simplicity of design;
  • simplicity and ease of operation;
  • feasibility of charging from usual outlets;
  • low risk of explosion in case of a traffic accident;
  • high measurement of pace.

An electric car is a car powered by an electric motor rather than a gasoline engine. The electric motor is powered by a controller, the controller gets its power from an array of rechargeable batteries.

From the outside you would probably have no idea whether a car is electric. In most cases, electric cars are created by converting a gasoline-powered car. When you drive an electric car, the only indication to the type of engine is that it is nearly silent.

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