MPPT Lighting Controller PCL-612MT

FeaturesMPPT Lighting Controller PCL-612MT

  • Intelligent lighting control.
  • Supports thin-film modules and crystalline modules.
  • Max charging current 6A, suitable for minimum 12V, 50Ah batteries.
  • High input voltage up to 80V.
  • Smart 16 load/lighting control programs, fully adjustable according to customer needs.
  • Automatic day/night detection via PV.
  • Offers system protection including high voltage overload (due to lightning), reverse polarity, battery low and high voltage disconnect (LVD/HVD).
  • Direct load output supports up to 8A.
  • LED displays to show PV, battery, and load status/conditions.
  • Power saving SLEEP MODE with very low power consumption.

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