Solar cells are rechargeable batteries made of semiconductor material that accumulates solar energy. Further this energy by means of special technique is transformed to electric current. Owing to the existence of those cells you have the oppportunity to create solar plants of various capacities that will possess such features as stability and reliability.

Advantages of solar cells :

  • independence of solar installations from external sources of energy;
  • energy of solar cells is free;
  • the ability to connect collectively to the solar power;
  • ecological cleanness and noiseless operation of solar power plants;
  • lifetime of solar cells is 25-30 years;
  • there is no problem of surges.

Energy can be used directly by various loads of direct current or stored in batteries for later use.

Even if you are connected to the central power, use of solar and wind power for your needs will also be beneficial to the nature because the network gets electricity by burning coal, oil , gas, or even at nuclear power plants.

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